Monday, August 22, 2011

Last days camping

So after Rocky Mountain Park, we went to Lake Pueblo State Park in Colorado, which was kind of white-trashy. Here's our spot at Lake Pueblo.

Then our final day, we stayed at Great Sand Dunes National Park, which was super cool. But sandy! Here's our campsite.

and here's us, playing in the sand

and here's Jerry, who got kind of scared, and had to sit down in the sand

and here's Tom, climbing the sand dunes. Can you see him?

speaking of Tom, here he is, being the dad, at the dump station!

and finally, here's me, Taz, playing in the rpod with my old friend Stretchy Monkey, who took the trip with us.

still more camping!

And here's all of us playing in the grass at Rocky Mountain National Park!

camping again!

So here's Brownie, rolling around in the grass at Rocky Mountain National Park! Fun!

More camping!

So after we went to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, we went to Colorado National Monument, where, once again, we took no pictures of the amazing monument. Suffice it to say, it was very cool!

Here's Tom, reading in the shade at the campground under his umbrella.

These are the rabbits who came with us. The white one in the diapers is Audrey, who has a broken back but scoots around surprisingly fast, and Junior, the dirty looking lop, who has a crazy sickness that makes him wobble like he's drunk and fall over backwards. We learned to keep away from him! They liked to hang around in the doorway whenever we were at our campground.

We then went to Rocky Mountain National Park, which was the funnest of the places we went. We spent two days there, and it was super cool and nice. Here's our campground.

and here's us just chilling in our little pen in front of the rpod

and here's the amazing alpine tundra in the park

and here's a pika which is a crazy relative of the rabbit

and here's some snow on the tundra

and here is an elk!

Camping in Colorado!

We just got back from a fun 8 day trip to Colorado! The four of us doggies took the trip in our new trailer, plus the crazy bird and the two weird disabled rabbits. We got to eat lots of snacks and see lots of new things. We peed on EVERYTHING. Here now some photos!

This was our first day at Lake Heron in Northern New Mexico.

Then this was our second day in Mesa Verde National Monument, in Colorado. Oddly, we did not take any pictures of the ruins in Mesa Verde; just the rpod in the campground!

Then we visited the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado. See how cool it was? And see the deer on the trail?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

White Sands!

Here we are, playing in the sand at White Sands!

White Sands!

Last weekend we went to White Sands! It looks like snow but it's really white sand! Is that crazy or WHAT? Here's Taz biting my leash!