Monday, June 30, 2008

four chihuahua weekend

Last weekend we had Elvis and Pogue visit. They were traveling with Phyllis and Aprile. Phyllis is moving to New Orleans with her animals and so they all stopped over here Saturday night for a rest along the route. We had fun playing with Elvis and Pogue but got kind of jealous at all the attention the new dogs got. We're glad they didn't stay! Taz was going to have to kill Elvis if he had stayed.

He'd do it too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Buried Pepe

This weekend we buried Pepe. We are planning on planting a nice plant over his grave; we're thinking maybe a bird of paradise. He got buried in his favorite blankie with his collar and tags, and also Zyson, his favorite toy from years ago when he like to play with toys. Zyson is a little rubber caterpiller, who lost his squeak years ago when a rabbit bit into it. But once upon a time, he was very special to Pepe, and if there's a special place for small dogs to go after they die, we're hoping that he'll be happy to have Zyson there with him.

Missing Pepe

I just miss him sometimes...