Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pretty nice here

So this place is pretty good. I especially love all the great places to sleep. Here's all where I sleep: on the couch (my favorite), on the people bed, on the leopard tent bed, on the brown fuzzy bed, in the furry cat bed, and on the pillows next to the window. It's all good!

Hate the new dogs

So these new dogs here, they think they're so great. They think they can just waltz into our house and act all cute and skinny and whatever and just get whatever they want! Seriously, it's just too much. Here they are, playing, on my beds in my office!

Living the good life

So my new foster home is great! There are lots of cats and rabbits to chase, which is the BEST, but there's also a bird who doesn't like to be chased and bites back! Crazy. The people here are pretty good too; I especially love the man because he talks really sweet to me and also plays with me. HOWEVER, he does not like me to sleep in the bed. What kind of crazy prohibition is that? Here's me, on the bed, where I'm allowed to be anytime EXCEPT bedtime. Insane!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New doggies

So our mom just took in two new chihuahuas! She is fostering them for Quixote Humane Society. They are okay, I guess. The brown one is sort of irritating but the black one is old and sleeps all the time. Here they are, sleeping.